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About us


Addee has been a vision ever since we started Schiffli embroidery machine back in 1994. Gaining tons and tons off experience during all these years, 2019 finally proved to be a year of launch for our much-awaited brand, Addee. It isn’t a result of a sudden fondness to start our own business, rather it’s a dream come true. These 26 years haven’t gone in vain; we worked each day to make this dream a reality, to introduce Addee in the market and to bring you the best!


You may be thinking, why Addee? Living in a culturally rich province of Sindh and serving the ever strong, bold and beautiful sisters around the world, the brand name takes inspiration from both of them. It reflects the Sindhi culture since “Addee” is Sindhi for “sister.”


Our work doesn’t stop here. We are here to stay and to become one of the top names in the market. We realize the importance of quality and the needs of our sisters. It is exactly why we aim to bring the best, the latest, and the most comfortable clothing for women in Pakistan and around the globe. Starting from our motherland, we wish to expand and take our dream internationally. Addee aims to establish itself as another name for quality and style in one.
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